Guns of the Patriots

In 2014, the world is in chaos, the “war economy" plunging the world into never-ending battle. This fuels the need for private military companies, the five largest of which (together rivaling the power of the entire United States Army) are owned by a single mother company, Outer Heaven, with Liquid Ocelot at the helm. Liquid Ocelot, a fusion of the consciousness of Liquid Snake and the body ofRevolver Ocelot, is once again set on world domination. Solid Snake, now also referred to a Old Snake due to his advanced accelerated aging, is dispatched to assassinate Liquid Ocelot as a personal favor to Roy Campbell.


Anonymous said: Hope u know that wearing all white means u like it up the arse


it fits nicely with my gay-life cap

is this true? if its wrong i don’t want be “all white”


i decided to look up the original mad world because i had never heard it and at one point in the video one of the other dudes in tears for fears just starts going hard while standing on a dock



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